50 Bible Symbols

50 Bible Symbols, printed by the Church of God, God's Acres

This is a partial list of symbols used in the Book of Revelation, as well as in other parts of the Bible, with their meaning given by the Word of God.

For every dark saying in God's Word, there is a Scripture somewhere else that will put light on it.

1. Two Witnesses—The Word and the Spirit.
2. Seven Seals—Seven periods of time through the Gospel Day.
3. Seven Candlesticks—The seven church ages.
4. Seven Vials—Judgment against falsity.
5. Water—People.
6. Stars—Ministers.
7. Sword—The Word of God.
8. Keys—The Word of God.
9. Hidden Manna—The Word of God.
10. Morning Star—The morning light or the morning-time ministry.

11. Mount Zion—Church of God.
12. Lightning—Light on God's Word by the power of the Spirit.
13. Thunder—Understanding of past happenings.
14. Sun—The new covenant.
15. Moon—The old covenant.
16. The Lamb—Christ.
17. Horses—Spiritual warfare.
18. Earthquake—The quaking of earthly things under the power of God.
19. Mountains—Places of worship.
20. Islands—Creeds of men.
21. Incense—Prayer.
22. Hail—Solid truth.
23. Fire—The Word or the Spirit.
24. Wormwood—Bitterness.
25. Euphrates—Babylon's defense or stronghold.
26. Sea—People.
27. Rivers and Fountains—Experiences of salvation.
28. Armageddon—Spiritual conflict.
29. Horns—Power.
30. Sea of Glass—The Word of God.
31. Anti-Christs—Spirits against Christ.
32. The Great City—Babylon.
33. The Bride—The church.
34. The Dragon—Paganism.
35. First Beast—Papalism.
36. Second Beast—Protestantism.
37. False Prophet—Protestantism.
38. Bow—The new covenant.
39. Trees—People.
40. Ships—Ministers.
41. Bottomless Pit—Earthly position without a Bible foundation.
42. Two Olive Trees—The Word and the Spirit.
43. Seat—Power of Authority.
44. Michael—Christ.
45. Pure River Water of Life—The Spirit of God.
46. Great Chain—The Holy Spirit's power to bind.
47. Fornication—Church joining.
48. Smoke—Glory.
49. Four Beasts and Twenty-Four Elders—The redeemed of all ages.
50. Locusts—A false ministry with false doctrines.


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