The Church of God at God's Acres supports several different foreign mission fields. Below is a mission report received from one of the brothers who traveled to Honduras in 2006, helping in the convention.

2006 Trip to La Ceiba, Honduras

For the first time, the convention, normally held in Roatan, Honduras, was held in the city of La Ceiba. La Ceiba is located on the northern Caribbean shore of Honduras, Central America, and is the third largest city in Honduras.
Attending the convention from the United States were Brother David Stegmeier, Brother Chris Wakefield, Brother Larry and Sister Nancy Kaiser, Brother Roger Decker, and also Brother Jeff Harris.

The convention began on Thursday morning, May 25, 2006, and ended on Sunday evening, May 28, 2006. The order of services was as follows:

6:30 a.m. Prayer Service
10:30 a.m. Morning Service
2:30 p.m. Afternoon Service
7:00 p.m. Evening Service

Brother Stegmeier, Brother Kaiser, Brother Brooks, and others preached the morning and afternoon services. Brother Decker was the evening evangelist.

The last service of the convention, Sunday evening, was an anniversary celebration for Brother Esau Brooks who has pastored for the past fifty-five years. During the service, Brother and Sister Brooks were presented with a banner and a plaque commemorating their many years of service. Some members of the congregation participated in the service by singing songs. Others expressed words of gratitude to Brother and Sister Brooks, who have given fifty-five years of dedicated service to the work of Honduras and have expanded to the Cayman Islands and to Miami, Florida.

In addition to those attending from the United States, other saints in attendance were from the Cayman Islands, Miami, Florida, and several cities in Honduras, including the island of Banaca.

The Spirit of God was certainly present during the meeting. Many souls wept their way to an altar of prayer and were gloriously saved. Truly God is working in a wonderful way in these congregations.


Postcard commemorating 55 years of service
by Pastor Esau Brooks

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